Curriculum Statement

As an Academy Southcoates Primary is not legally required to follow the new National Curriculum introduced as of September 2014. However, we have chosen to follow it to a large extent. In particular we follow the suggested curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and Computing as it is laid out.

All other subjects give due regard to it and follow it to some extent. We have devised a skills based curriculum in line with the skills promoted in the National Curriculum. We do not necessarily teach these skills through the themes it outlines. We have chosen to deliver these skills through a whole school themed approach. All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 study the same ‘topic’ – but the skills they are taught are appropriate to their age group. This has enabled us to develop a whole school ‘Family Challenge’ to encourage parents and children of all ages to take part in work associated with the theme being studied.

The details of how we have structured our curriculum can be seen in the curriculum document for each subject. This outlines what we will be teaching in each term, for each year group. The children in the Foundation Stage follow the Government’s curriculum for their age group.

To support the curriculum we use some published materials:

The teaching of phonics in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 follows the structure of ‘Read, Write, Inc’.  In addition to this we use a computer based program called ‘Lexia’ to support phonic development with children as they get older.

In writing we use a system called ‘Talk for Writing’. This is a system that allows the children to become very familiar with a text and be able to talk about it confidently. This in turn supports their written work as they understand more about how writing is structured and the effect the author is trying to create for the reader.

We also use strategies from the ‘Talk of the Town’ project which we are currently involved with. This project aims at developing children’s speech and language skills – listening, vocabulary and understanding.

In maths we use ‘Big Maths‘ - a scheme which teaches the basics in a very structured way. It offers plenty of opportunity to repeat and practice basic skills.

To support the Computing curriculum we use ‘Purple Mash’. This is a series of programs which help children with each aspect of the curriculum.

For further information about the curriculum, please contact the school.

2017 - 2018 Topic Themes

Autumn 1

What is

Autumn 2

How can we
tell the world?

Spring 1

How many
are there?

Spring 2

What do you

Summer 1

Can a picture
paint a thousand

Summer 2

What makes a

8 weeks

Mon 4 Sep -
Fri 27 Oct

7 weeks

Mon 6 Nov -
Fri 21 Dec

5 weeks

Mon 8 Jan -
Fri 9 Feb

5 weeks

Mon 19 Feb -
Fri 23 Mar

7 weeks

Mon 9 Apr -
Fri 25 May

7 weeks

Mon 4 Jun -
Fri 20 Jul

Geography and 
Art focus
History and DT
History and DT
Geography and 
Art focus
History and
Art focus
Geography and
DT focus